First week at RedPoint Capital

Abe Arafat
2 min readFeb 8, 2021


The faculties of Management and Engineering are located on opposite sides of McGill. So even back when we were on campus, I never really got to know McGill’s business students who didn’t live in my residence.

This week, I joined RedPoint Capital (RPC) and it has been my first exposure to finance at the university level. After just one meeting with the group thus far, I’m glad(excited to be discovering)that I’m discovering this facet of my university.

What is RPC?

We are McGill’s first and only finance club focused on alternative asset class investing. We have 4 themes that each specialize in one asset class: Private Equity, Real Assists, Special Situations, and Global Macro. Each team will be doing research and receive presentations pertinent to their domain, hear from industry experts, and culminate the semester with a team pitch. I am joining RPC as an analyst on the Private Equity team lead by Leo Tousignant, a U2 Desautels School of Management student in the HIM program.

In my role on the private equity team, I will be examining previous transactions, analyzing the quantitative data made available in the prospectus, and evaluate the qualitative aspects of the potential investment. I will also examine private companies from the lens of a potential investor, developing the ability to identify a sound investment.

What’s next?

Prior to joining RPC, I had plans to pursue a minor in Finance in my final years at the university. This week has reinforced those plans, and also opened an avenue for me to get a finance internship before I graduate to gain some workplace exposure and experience.