Joining CourseLnk!

Abe Arafat
2 min readFeb 1, 2021

I am excited to announce that I am joining CourseLnk, a company for students, by students.

What is CourseLnk?

CourseLnk is a community oriented app that seeks to connect students together in order to stay up-to-date with their classes. The app is available at McGill and Western, and is the easiest way to find course group chats and meet classmates; especially during the Zoomiversity era.

Contrary to other social media platforms, CourseLnk is focused on helping students stay on top of their academics & school involvement, and thereby helps reduce clutter on other social feeds. When a student logs in, they can immediately register for any of their school’s undergraduate courses, and automatically be added to the groupchat. This beats the current I-hope-I-know-someone-in-this-class strategy by a mile.

McGill and Western students can join today at or on the iOS App Store!

Wait, no Android app?

Coming soon! Last week, I joined the CourseLnk team to help build out the Android app. I’ll be developing the app on Android Studio using Kotlin, and I’ll use APIs to connect to our Firebase backend. But I won’t be on my own! I’ll have support from 2 of CourseLnk’s 3 awesome co-founders who have worked and coded tirelessly since last summer to create what CourseLnk is today: Seb Danson (backend, iOS frontend) and Victorien Garrigues (backend, web frontend, and my roommate).

Great project! How can I help?

If you are a student / faculty member / administrator at McGill, Western or any other Canadian university who’d like to help grow CourseLnk or learn more, let’s connect!

If you or anyone you know could help promote CourseLnk, let’s connect!

Reach out to me on LinkedIn or shoot me an email at